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Extra Base Sports LLC

The ProVelocity Cricket Bat

The ProVelocity Cricket Bat

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Cricket Models


33" Cricket Extreme Impact
Ages 17 to Professional
Re-enforced for bowling speeds > 75 mph
Swing feedback 35 mph to 95 mph
Length 33" Inches
Weight 48 ounces
32" Cricket Overload
Ages 13 to 17
Max bowling speed 75 mph
Swing feedback 20 mph to 80 mph
Length 32 inches
Weight 42 ounces
32" Cricket Underload
Ages 8 to 12
Max bowling speed 60 mph
Swing feedback 20 mph to 55 mph
Length 32 inches
Weight 36 ounces


Add resistance to increase your bat speed. A double click indicates you have swung fast enough to drive the barrel fully out to the impact position. Learn to extend the time between clicks for earlier bat speed, more time on plane, and a better chance at contact.

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